Leonardo’s canal harbor

The sea is welcome and driven between fishing boats and houses from the beautiful Porto Canale, whose structure was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1502.
Here is the hub of town life, there are shops and pubs, cafes, town-market, restaurants and local products.

Marineria Museum

The only one of its kind is housed in the oldest and most interior of the canal harbor; inside there are preserved the boats of the upper Adriatic, used for fishing and sea traffic in the past.
An interesting collection of boats to be visited for free by day and night, complained by the authentic life’ stories told by the colorful sails and seafarers.

Conservations’ Market

In ancient times, the preserves or glaciers were widespread and had the specific function of storing the fish, filled with ice or snow.
Today, every morning you can find a distinctive market of flowers, fruits and vegetables. During the summer, the Conserve square and Fiorentini street host the traditional summer markets not to be missed!

At morning…

A fine, golden sandy beach welcomes you to enjoy relaxing days at the seaside. Beach umbrellas and sun loungers, also available the all facilities for the youngest.
Various sports: canoeing, beach volleyball, rafting … And after the beach … a bit of shopping and a swim in the pool!

The evening…

A walk on the waterfront on foot or by bicycle to enjoy the colors, scents and sounds that come from the many local pubs and shops, street bars that enliven the Cesenatico evenings.
Movie reviews at the beach and beach party, craft markets and street artists are all ready for your vacation in Cesenatico!


Cesenatico is strategically located to easily reach the many beautiful Romagna hinterland and countryside. Walking a few kilometers you will arrive in Santarcangelo, Cesena, Ravenna, San Marino, Longiano, San Leo …
Adventure yourself in the hinterland and you will discover villages and delightful views worthy of being experienced for their amazing wealth!